1.Anything we place above God is idolatry
2.My Soul lit up and every part of my being rejoices.
3.Better to live a day in the fear of the Lord
4.Thou a righteous man may suffer without a cause
5.He who hates, even of the devil itself
6.Wealth drives away mercy
7.There are things far too great for me to fathom
8.We’re like sheep among the wolves.
9.Fairness... Tell me what do you know about fairness
10.In life there are only two road
11.The greatest fear in life for me is meaninglessness.
12.Life is like a marathon.
13.This is the law of life. You reap what you sow.
14.Every time as I strive to do what’s right
15.If faith is the absence of logic
16.Be slow to give advice to those who are hurting.
17.Yes I know you don’t like this black spot on the vase.
18.When did I mention I need an advice.
19.If you know that drinking alcohol will pose a threat to your family
20.Man are the Lover and the women beloved
21.I’ve been a Christian for 9 years
22.I believe after we die.
23.Common sense
24.Speaking the truth in love
25.Without a soul we are not able to move as we please.
26.What will you do if you have $14600 left in your pocket.
27.Spiritual War
28.It is great for a man to sacrifice for the woman he loves
29.Do you know that when person dies
30.Don’t you think it's amazing for mankind to understand and express Love?
31.No Time...
32.The fear of the Lord
33.When a man did not greet the king
34.Perfect And Flawless
35.He simply chose to Love us.
36.One day we'll cease to exist in this earth
37.Sin is like a “leech” feeding on our body.
38.Thou sinning may bring temporary fulfilment...
39.Why do we sometime feels a sense of hopelessness.
40.When I stop fighting
41.Three powerful things
42.The purpose of pain
43.Something amazing happens when you read a book.
44.Baptism is an ordinance of the Lord Jesus, obligatory upon every believer
45.Our body is the temple of God
46.We won't live forever
47.Never make light of God's holiness
48.Guilt Offering in old Testament vs New Testament
49.An Encounter with the tempter
50.Familiar with suffering
51.Learnings from my cat
52.Life without God is like a life without a soul
53.Only when we admit that we're weak...
54.A Victim of the lies of the devil
55.First thing you need to do before sinning..
56.Be ready for the real war!
57.This is my story
58.Be like the bereans
59.I'm a hundred years old!!!
60.Life will cease to exist in this world one day!!
61.History can bring you back and Science will bring you forward.
62.God desires a heart that is resolved to obey Him despite of difficulty
63.Depression make sense when there is no God.
64.Money back by Gold
65.A bonding more beautiful than marriage
66.A man with conviction
67.Sometime I feel we are like the caterpillar
68.Loving the poor requires the heart of God.
69.Do you believe that your prayer can reach God?
70.It is only normal to be happy doing what pleases God.
71.Love Hurts
72.In order for the devil to be discourage...
73.Reflection Time
74.What is blessing
75.Saving you from the wrath of God
76.A glimpse of what heaven is like.
77.Baptism doesn't saves you
78.Do you know that the devil actually looks beautiful?
79.Modern Market Places in Churches Today.
80.Love is granted by graces and mercy not by the effort we put in the pursuing of it.
81.The truth will set you free!
82.Activity! Activity! How can anyone find God amidst all the noises and activity?
83.It is God's mercy that we are consider nothing but "worms"
84.Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty!
85.The Sovereignty of God
86.Seek not to grow in knowledge for the sake of applause
87.God is the Lover, we are the beloved.
89.We are save by grace through faith in Christ Jesus alone
90.Oh Worship the Lord in beauty and holiness!
91.Self Help? Or God Help!
93.Do you know God!
94.Christ Commands to Make Disciples, Not Returning Customers
95.The Lord will grant you repentance.
96.It is more bless to be weak than to be strong.
97.Without a doubt
98.Hallowed Be Your Name
99.A Shocking Truth!
100.Jesus Christ is Almighty God!
101.It is God's love for you not to mend your broken wings
102.The Trumpet call of God!
103.A rainbow to a natural man
104.Do you know that your ability to know God was actually granted by Him.
106.At the judgement seat
107.Unless the spirit of Jesus dwells within us. We will all perish before the presence of God.
108.Our feeling of shame and depravity should drive us to God for healing.
109.Satan and Sin are irrational.
110.Submit your thought to Christ
111.When you acknowledge your depravity. The devil flee from you resulting Christ abiding in you.
112.It is finished. You can now rest.
113.Are you feeding my sheep?
114.Quit those methodology for it is I who saves declares the Lord!
115.Dr John MacArthur exposition of 1 Peter 3:18-21
116.My reply to Tang pertaining to why I leave CCC
117.The reason why we always chose to numb our pain.
118.Ever wonder why there's so few man in "church" now a days?
119.The Glory of God!
120.My Conversion Story
121.Many years of friendship only need a thoughtless word to destroy it.
122.How to obey the most important Commandment
123.I know what enthusiasm they have for God, but it is misdirected zeal...
124.Calvinism is not the issue.
125.Why Churches insisted that you should be Baptize inorder to be Saved.
126.We are all some sort of a theologian
127.Repentance is a gift granted from God.
128.God didn't ask you to be strong but be weak so that He can be strong in you.
129.Let not eternality be a curse for me O Lord!
130.Why I have decided to rebaptise.
131.Morality without Christ is no gospel.
132.Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it.
133.If thou shalt continues to trust in thine own works
134.What ultimately unites God's people is sound doctrine not activities.
135.My sheep listen to my voice. They are united because the shepherd calls thems.
136.God is sovereign over all things.
137.Why do we behave the way we do?
138.True Heros Of God.
139.Church Discipline
140.Charles Spurgeon Movie
141.In your suffering remember the Lord.For He has not abandon you.
142.That's not fair!
143.Don't Expect a Perfect Repentance
144.Tongue is an unknown mysterious language.
145.Apart From Christ We can do nothing
146.Salvation must ever be of the Lord
147.What is the most important thing in your life?
148.God chose you because He loves you.
149.While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
151.Watch Out For False Teacher
152.You said you love God...
153.Stealing the Glory of God
154.Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.
155.The righteousness of God was imputed to Abraham even before he was circumcise.
156.We are unable to know God unless God reveal Himself to us.
157.Repent! And start believing!
158.The fear of the Lord
159.The immutability of God
160.God is the reason
161.God is not a man
162.The frailty of life
163.Beseech Oh man of God beseech!
164.Glorious freedom
165.The Holiness of God
166.Honor your father and your mother
167.Hell makes a lot of sense
168.Before the glory of God
169.Do you Love God
170.A Faithful Man Who can find?
171.Do you need to obey
172.Confessing our sin.
173.If God is God
174.The mercy of God in sovereign election
175.The mercy of God in His Sovereignty
176.If God is not Sovereign
177. When we don't have the law of God
178.Pride is a dangerous Sin.
180.What is our standing before the Lord
182.Holy Holy Holy
183.One Hour
185.What is the meaning of all these?
186.Will you lose your salvation?
187.Who ever desire to save his life will lose it.
188.Are you a gospel centered church.
189.How can we resist the brain washing of the devil?
190.The bondage of the will.
191.The agony of Christ "A Cross Study"
193.Are you playing with your food
194.The truth is
195.Can a man desires spirituality and riches at the same time?
196.Blush Oh brethren blush!
197.Apart from Christ, there wouldn't be wisdom.
199.Salvation is solely the word of The Almighty God.
201.Flee from Delilah
202.The ultimate goal is not going to heaven.
203.When the King summon us to come
204.The banquet of the King
205.In the beginning God
206.The Thing
207.There is weight in the word of His beloved
208.When we touch our noses
209.Why are things happening
210.For His Name Sake
211.The attitude of David
212.Just look at His Love!
213.If you think baptism so saved you?
214.Unchanging Love
215.Success and Wealth
246.Amazing Flying Fish!
247.True Friendship!
248.Darkness and Light
249.The King of Righteousness
250.What is the point of celebrating Christmas.
251.God does not leaves things to chance.
252.Surely God can save anyone
254.What is true friendship?
255.The problem of pain.
257.He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved
258.Elijah's Appeal to the Undecided  
259.If it is Love..
260.It is not about doing good
261.Free Will (Part 1)
262.Free Will (Part 2)
263.Free Will (Part 3)
264.Free Will (Part 4)
265.Free Will (Part 5)
266.Free Will (Part 6)
267.The beauty of predestination
268.If God did not bless you the second best
269.Why would God allows evil?
270.The Love Story Of Our Forefathers.
271.The essential of gospel message by John Newton
272.The bud may have a bitter taste.
273.Divine providence demonstrated in the death of Saul
274.The Gospel conviction of Martin Luther
275.When God looks through the tunnel of time
276.Chaos and Order
277.Agape Love
278.Have you work out your Salvation?
279.The Heart
280.Who can save us from our evil works?
281.Thoughts on eternity
282.Thoughts on Trinity.
283.We are enslave to our freedom