Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Do you believe that your prayers can reach God?

Today as I was having a hard time tying to transfer my notes via blue tooth from my phone to my computer, I give up eventually and decided to use my phone to email myself and retrieve it from my computer instead.

And walla! it works even faster than using blue tooth. And so I start to trust transfering information via e-mail rather than using blue tooth. Although e-mailing seem to be traveling much a longer distance it proves to be more effective and distance doesn't seems to be an issue.

If you believes the SMS message you sent can reach your friends after the sent button is press. There is no reason for you not to believe that your prayer reaches God after you said Amen! God certainly have a better technology than what was invented by man. Man invented devices to sent signals but God can create even better much more simpler and faster ways of senting message than man. God created mankind and certainty a servant cannot be greater than it's master.

For instant take a look at one of God's creation the artic tern. They files from pole to pole and back every year - some 22,000 miles - as it journeys from the Canadian arctic to coasts of southern Chile. How did it learn this path? Ornithologists have blocked the vision and hearing of the terns, yet still they find their way to South America every year. As it is known that birds can perceive the magnetic field of the earth for direction, magnetic scramblers have even been used to confuse the birds,but to no avail. It seems they have a flawless stellar navigation system!

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