Monday, March 19, 2012

A glimpse of what heaven is like.

A glimpse of what heaven is like.

If one can stare into a portrait, recite a poem or admiring the beauty of nature for hours and it only feels like a second, eternity my brethren would not be enough for the surpassing glory of God.

If such a beautiful union in marriage on earth does not even exist in Heaven and is only but a reflection in what's to come. One can only grasp and wait in eager anticipation what the Lord have install for those who Love Him.

If king Xerxes a mere man can sustain a feast for 180 days displaying his majesty and glory. Eternity my brethren would not be enough to display the glory of God.

To spend eternity without Christ is a curse and worst than death.
For there is nothing in heaven which will satisfied you apart from Christ.

The novelty effect of pearly gates and the street of gold will eventually wear off.
Meaninglessness will soon craved in and you wish you would die.

Heaven make sense because it would take forever to discover Christ.
Heaven exist so that we can enjoy the presence of God forever.

Psalm 30:12
New American Standard Bible (NASB)
12 That my [a](A)soul may sing praise to You and not be silent.
O Lord my God, I will (B)give thanks to You forever.

The following insight is inspired by Brother Paul Washer with some modification on my side.

During the first day in heaven you are in the room God prepared for you.

As you open the door infront of you, for the first time in your life you saw the face of God.

A new kind of unspeakable joy comes upon you.

you stand in front of God feeling awestruck,ecstatic and in a state of euphoria. You were overwhelm.

God is so beautiful and His glory is so brilliant and magnificent.

It is so breathtaking that if you are not strengthen, you will die from it..

Now imagine you saw God. You were dumbstruck by the splendour of God that you involuntary take in a deep breath because it is so breathtaking.

Within second of taking in the first breath, before you even have the time to breath out,you take in another breath because God is so beautiful.

Continuing in this process would have leave you suffocated that if you were not strengthen you would die from it.

First day has gone by. You did not die because God has strengthen you. you go to bed and wake up the next morning.

You open the door. And you saw God before your very eyes. This time the euphoric feeling is very different from the one you had the day before. It is a whole new feeling that if you were not strengthen like the day before you will die from it.

Every day is a new experience a new beginning. Eternity hasn't even yet begun. And it will carry on like this for eternity. This is what heaven might be. Now bear in mind a lot of this is made up. No one has been to heaven yet.

It is the same as bible reading.
As you dwell into the scripture every day.
You will find something that inspires you.
something that is different from the day before.

Even though you are reading about the same thing,about God,it feels different as you look into the scripture in a different light.

when you understands how awesome God is and how sinful you're, the amount of love and compassion God has for you in your understanding increases significantly each day inspiring new praises from your lips.

The kind of joy you are going to experience is something you cannot find in this world.

What is wealth that it should satisfy you.

How can the pleasure that the world offer even holds a candle to the ecstasy of knowing how much God loves you.

This is what our bible study should be like every day.

It is like experiencing heaven evey day.

It is like preparing us for eternity with God every day.


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