Wednesday, February 2, 2011

O Lord you have even exceeded your own power!

Oh LORD you're powerful. You're always the most powerful. No one on the entire universe is your equal. Oh Lord you have even exceeded Your own power by holding your judgement against sinner like us. For anyone who has power can't wait to display it. But It takes someone greater, someone with character to hold and to show mercy. You could have called ten thousand angel but you values our soul dearly suffering humiliation and scorn upon the cross just so that we may be save. You hold your hands and bestow mercy and grace upon us giving us time for repentant.. Oh Lord by doing so you have exceed your own power. Surely If the Lord were to judge us accordingly for all our sin, who can stands before the Lord? Thank you Lord for your profound mercy and grace. Your Love for us is beyond any human mind could ever imagine. We can only be thankful. Thank you Lord for saving me

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