Sunday, October 25, 2015

There is weight in the words of His beloved.

There is weight in the words of His beloved.
Brothers... there is weight for whatever words that cometh forth from your mouth.

There's no needle prick as painful as a brother's ridicule.

There's no better balm as soothing as a brother's care.

Unless you are my brother.

Curse me if you will... I don't care.

There is a story of the great saint, Thomas Aquinas. When he entered the Dominicans he was big and quiet and had a reputation for being na├»ve. His large quiet demeanor earned him the nickname “The Dumb Ox.” One day one of the other student brothers was looking out a window atop a staircase and called to Thomas, “Look, Brother Thomas, the cows are flying.” Thomas lumbered hurriedly up to the window, peered out and saw nothing. This caused the other brothers to laugh and say, “Surely, Thomas, you didn’t believe that cows could really fly?” Thomas replied, “I would rather believe that cows could fly than that my own brothers in religion would lie to me.”

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