Saturday, May 14, 2011

Experience and understands thy Love hath for thee

Dear God,
My Love...
The one whom my heart so desire...
Is gone...
To someone whom she belongs...
The flame in my heart has been stolen
Look! The stars in the sky has all fallen
All eternality seems to stood still
In a moment that could kill


Father this can’t be true
Surely you understands how I feel
What I dread has all been set...
So long she’s happy... I would be glad
Oh what a great relieve
The burden finally has release
All my dreams and fantasy
Has become a reality
All remaining hope was gone
And the puzzle was finally form
A long struggle has end
After so many nights of heartache and pain
What’s ahead seems long and winding
But I must continue moving and not returning


Simple gift simple gesture...
Nothing really matter..
As long as she loves him..
It doesn’t matter what he brings.
Even if I could scale the greatest height...
And bring the stars to her sight.
I won’t be able to reach her heart
So long there’s someone she set apart
Even as I travel to the ends of the earth
And fetch her the emblem of my love
So long she has some one in mind
No matter how hard I tried...
She will never be mine
Simple gift... simple gesture...
Nothing... really matter...


My Son,
I understands
And it really hurts me to see you in this dire end
How would I have not known.
You’re the only one whom my heart belongs.


The one who loves the most hurt the most.
The greater my Love, the deeper my hurt.
As much as you experience, understands
The Love I have for you to the greatest extend.


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