Saturday, March 12, 2011

You are my Father my friend & my Lord

Dear God
You are my Father my friend & my Lord
Thank you for chosing me among the lot

You have created the land the sea & the shore
And yet not a single soul was lost

Your majesty & Glory shine thought out the empire
But Father your love is what I desire

Father you humble yourself and went through the cross
The suffering you bear was so cruel and coarse.

Father I have led such a sinful life
And yet for me you suffer & die

Father you could have called ten thousand angel
But lord you preservere without a glint of anger

Father I really want to know why
What I've done to deserve your sacrifices

Thou you did not give me an answer
But I do know your love for me has never waver

Oh God...
How much more can I swallow
Only your words I desire to follow

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