Saturday, March 12, 2011

A surrender heart

Dear Father today's another day.
Oh what a painful day to bear.

Father you have created Adam and you granted him Eve.
But Father here I am sighing with grieve.

Father you told me to have faith.
And every day I wait and anticipate.

Father my heart is overwhelm with fire .
Burning with so much desire.

There are many women out there but I don't seems to care.
Because Lord you promise to give me my share.

Father is this your will or is this just a fairy tale.

You said you have plans to prosper me.
But all I hope is to have a company.

I could give up my wealth, health or even myself.
But Father to live alone, life is like a living hell.

Father I know I am bless with many.
But with many some day I wish I could marry.

Father please… please... don't be angry.
I just don't want to end up lonely…

Perhaps Lord you’re trying to protect me.
For marriage just isn’t for a minor like me.

Perhaps Lord your love is too great.
So much so you’re afraid my heart could break.

Perhaps Lord… you love me so much.
Desiring my undivided attention just as much.

Or perhaps Lord this is just my fate…
Lord even then should I resign just like that.

For even Jacob he has to wait.
Till his reward duly paid.

For fourteen years he toil like slave.
Surely his labor has not gone to waste?

But Lord no matter what it takes.
I am willing there to wait…

Father I know not what I’m asking.
Often what seem bliss may be deceiving.

For to attain a wonderful marriage ahead.
Comes along great task that most people dread.

I know my time has not yet come.
Until then your will be done.

Father I know I already have the best.
For your Love alone conquer the rest.

Father I know I shouldn't be demanding…
Please forgive me for being so annoying…

Though at time I still ponder…
But… onto your hand I… surrender….

God's answer...
Marriage my son, is only but temporary
For I knew this longing your heart desire terribly

Will I give you a stone in your request for a bread?
Look at the birds of the field and see if they dread?

My Son I spare not, but deliver Him over to all earthling,
how will I not also with Him freely give you all good things?

It is not good for a man to be alone
That’s why you have my brothers and sisters that accompany you along

You have no idea what you are requesting.
For the cup you are to take may not be as endearing.

In heaven there won’t be any marriage
For perfect Love will made thy heart enrich.

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