Saturday, July 6, 2013

Charles Spurgeon Movie

Isaiah 45:22
22 “Look to Me, and be saved,
All you ends of the earth!
For I am God, and there is no other.

If Jesus Christ alone save us. Then it follow that no amount of charitable work can do it? No giving of all that we have to the poor can do it? No church attendant, bible reading, not even our prayer can do it. Only Jesus! You may be the kindness, the most righteous person in all of Taversure yet your good leaven cannot do it. You may be a great sinner and repent of your sin every day every hour yet that cannot do it. Only Jesus only Jesus! The precious one. Good you might ask? How? How does He do it. How does He save us?

The great prophet Isaiah tell us. Look to him and be save. Look look! Just Look! Is so simple? Anyone can look? The prince and the porter can look. The sinner and the saint can look. The grandfather and the grandson can look. A year ago I was such a one who look. I simply look and trusted Him who is precious to save me. Tonight in this cottage you can look. And you can be save. And as you look and trust, He will become to you precious. Precious beyond measure.

The natural heart rebels against the simplicity of the way of salvation. What? Am I to do nothing but simply accept what Christ has already done? Am I to do nothing but merely look to him who was nail to the tree and find all my salvation in Him? Well then said the proud heart. I cannot understand it. No it cannot understand it because it does not like it. Now if this be your difficulty? And I believe in 9 cases out of 10 a proud heart is at the root of all difficulty about a sinner coming to Christ. If this be it which hinder you then go to God about it. And seek wisdom from Him.

He will show you the foolishness of this pride of yours. And he will teach you that simply to trust in Jesus is a one safest and suitable way of salvation. Ah... poor heart. when you see the blackness of your sin. It is no wonder that you are driven to despair. When your sin come howling behind you. Like some of the ravenous wolf seeking to devour you. I should well understand why you should lay violent hand upon yourself. It is no strange thing for man to lose all hope when under a sense of sin. You know not what to do. If only you could be calm and quiet. We could tell you the way of peace. But you are too much trouble to hear what we have to say. You think this truth apply to every body but you. Because you are in such a worry and turmoil. As John Bunyan used to say. You are much trouble laden down in your thought. And so I ask you then. Pray! Pray even out of your depth of your despair.

And God will open the eyes of your understanding. And I assure you. He will be please to instruct you. And bring you out into a save way. A way of peace and joy. Amen.

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